Bad in Boots

Bad in Boots

by  Em Petrova

My Review

Joss Ellis and Cort Bellamy were high school sweethearts …  until high school came to an end, and so did their relationship. She wanted to pursue her dreams far away from their hometown, and then he just had to escape the memories of her and the daily grind with his demanding father.  Nearly ten years later they both find themselves having moved back to that hometown, and they are drawn to each other like proverbial moths to flame.

They each have been struggling to find a path in life that is rewarding, happy and meaningful. Joss and Cort can’t deny their chemistry with one another so they don’t even try to resist that. But can they make it work between them so that each is fulfilled more than physically? Can they finally find a future with each other? It was beautiful to watch them each try to figure out the answers to their own meaning-of-life questions, and to simultaneously and selflessly help one another.

There were excellent secondary characters in this story including her sister, his father and his cousin, the workers on Bellamy Ranch, and townspeople of Crossroads. There are also some funny life lessons, such as always make sure you have the information you need, and always be certain you get in your own vehicle. Read the book, and I promise it will make sense!

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