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I have read every book in this series and enjoyed them all, but the twists and turns in this one still took me by surprise. You can definitely read this as a stand-alone, but then you want to go back and enjoy the others.

Damien is a powerful, dirty-talking alpha man, just the type you think would work at Royal Security. His past has left him skittish about relationships of any kind, and unwilling to trust in people. Izzy is a receptionist at the veterinary clinic where he routinely boards his beloved dog when he is away for work. He is intrigued by her, and is totally unaware that she feels the same about him. Izzy has a tough personality shielding a gentle heart. The consequences of her last disastrous relationship still overshadow her daily existence, but she is getting increasingly anxious to act on her attraction to Damien.

There are so many complications to their relationship, but the heart wants what the heart wants. This story combines action and suspense with ‘forbidden little sister drama,’ and combustible passion. There are great secondary characters you will recognize if you read other books in the series, and excellent new ones as well. This story pulled me right in and didn’t let go. The ending of this story left me incredibly anxious to get to the next one. Anna Brooks, please write quickly!

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