That Swoony Feeling

That Swoony Feeling

By Meghan Quinn

My Review

I’ve been looking forward to Brig’s story, and Meghan Quinn definitely doesn’t disappoint!  Brig is the youngest of the Knightley Brothers and the last to have his story told. You can definitely enjoy this as a stand-alone, but if you had the pleasure of reading the others in the series, you’ll enjoy seeing those characters again in this book. Beck and Rylee from Two Wedding Crashers, also residents of Port Snow, have important roles in this book, as does the entire town. Brig is convinced he’ll never find true love. Ruth has had a crush on him for the longest time, but the power of that crush makes her freeze up around him.  Just about everyone in the small town can see how perfect Brig and Ruth are for each other, but how to make it happen?

Brig is adorable and funny.  He cares about people with his whole heart and enjoys his role as the youngest of 5 siblings. Although he’s simple in some ways, he’s also very smart. He recognized a business need in the small town and set about fulfilling it, which he did very successfully. He’s a romantic at heart and being unlucky in love is torture to him. Brig is so in touch with his sensitive side that he’ll make you laugh and cringe at times, and it makes his obliviousness about what is right in front of him even more frustrating.

Ruth is always working hard in the coffee shop her late parents founded. She wants to find love as all her friends have done, and more than anything she desperately wants Brig to really notice her.  When things are put in motion that bring the 2 of them together more and more, she goes from fearful to excited, to hopeful and frustrated and back again.

This story will make you want to shake your Kindle or throw your book. Just hang in there, because it’s worth it. The text conversations in this book made me laugh out loud, which was a good balance to the moments when I wanted to strangle Brig. Wonderful book in a wonderful series from an author who never disappoints.

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