Zero Forks

Zero Forks

by Cat Johnson

My Review

We return to Mudville and Boone gets his story! Although this is part of a series, it can definitely be enjoyed as a stand-alone. If you have read the other books that take place in Mudville, you’ll be able to enjoy seeing those characters reappear. And if this is your first visit to that small town, I think it’s safe to say that you’ll want to check out the other books and learn more about it and Boone’s older brothers.

Boone, our hero in this book, is sincerely one of the good guys. Kind, hard-working, handsome, charming … a bit of a ladies’ man, but not in a sleazy way at all. Sarah, our heroine, is the “older woman” by a little more than a decade. She is a hard-working career woman who has had her heart broken, and has pretty much given up on love.

I don’t like giving spoilers because I think it’s best to let the story unfold in the way the author wants it to when you read the book. I will say though, that the way Boone gallantly effortlessly sweeps her off her feet is absolutely perfect. Logical realist Sarah finds herself torn between the shadows of her past, her preconceptions about age, and the reality of the man from Mudville who has come into her life. Sarah’s young nephew Stewie is critical to the plot and is a fun character in his own right. As Boone provides babysitting for Stewie, he also works on showing Sarah that their hearts matter more than their ages.

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