Kiss Me Duke

Kiss Me Duke

by Tamara Gill

My Review

As with every other book I have ever read by Tamara Gill, ‘Kiss me, Duke’ is beautifully written, and it draws you into the story from the first page. Although this is part of a series, it can be read as a stand-alone. Molly and Hugh’s story takes place initially in Rome, and then in London. They meet unexpectedly and find themselves quickly developing a friendship that smoothly segues into falling in love with each other. The location settings in Italy add to their sparkling romance, like a fine glass of Prosecco adds to a candlelit dinner.

Hugh is hiding a huge secret though, and as the story progresses you can actually feel the anxiety of knowing that at some point the truth will be revealed, and the situation is going to explode. You want him to just tell her everything.  But it is easy to understand that because he is so in love, he is truly terrified of losing her if she doesn’t believe him.

Molly is smart and independent woman, not a naïve and immature young girl. Yet the twists and turns of this story put her in an incredibly difficult position. She and Hugh have both been forever changed by tragedy, and for their love to survive they each need to find a path of empathy and trust. It is so beautifully written that the reader gets to experience all the emotions with them both – the need to be able to survive, the warmth of friendship, the wonderment of new love, the pain of betrayal, the quest to give and receive understanding, the quiet assuredness of trust exchanged. And the chemistry between Molly and Hugh is incendiary!

This is a romance novel; I knew there would be an HEA. Getting there, however, at times was sweet torture.  I have to tell you I devoured this book like a Godiva chocolate truffle! It was so very good, and Hugh is one of the very best book boyfriends out there.

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