Wolf Ranch Savage

Wolf Ranch Savage

by Renee Rose

My Review

Clint is a quiet ranch hand who works undercover as a Shifter Council enforcer; he receives assignments to track and kill rogue shifters who have murdered humans. All the Wolf man are protective, but his long-term role as an enforcer has contributed to Clint being more protective than the rest – he has also needed to be protective of the entire species  He is strong and sexy, yet lethal, and as a dad he’ll make you swoon. Clint is an excellent hero, and devoted to taking care of Becky, no matter what.

Becky has a ton of emotional, financial and legal baggage that weighs down her spirit and her life. She had an unhappy marriage to a controlling man who for years has refused to sign divorce papers, and who is aggressively making her life miserable. She has no family support, and doesn’t believe there is a good man in the world for her.

The chemistry between Clint and Becky is explosive and compelling, but they each have an intimidating amount of serious obstacles keeping them apart.  I couldn’t stop reading this story! I knew eventually they would find their HEA, but the twists and turns and problems they faced kept me very interested and entertained.

This book could definitely be enjoyed as a standalone. But even if you read them out of order, you owe it to yourself to experience all the books in the Wolf Ranch series. The authors have indicated that we can expect two more books in the series, I think. Will Rand or Nash have their story told? Will cousin Shelby be involved, and will we finally get to meet the mysterious Natalie next door? No matter who is front and center, I hope we will see more of Janet!

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