Hate the Player

Hate the Player

by Max Monroe

My Review

Do not read this book anywhere you would be embarrassed to laugh out loud. Or giggle out loud.  Or do the cackle-snort thing … I know you know what I mean. Birdie and Andrew, the lead characters in this book, together are snarky, crazy, electric, outrageous and fun. This is an enemies-to-lovers, workplace romance with a bit of a forbidden romance edge. Max Monroe always excel at creating characters who are multi-dimensional, and writing dialogue that is clever and true to the characters. This book delivers that all perfectly.

Birdie is ready to make the leap from country music star to movie star, in a role that seems perfect for her. Her co-star, Andrew, is a box office star already, with a reputation as a total playboy. The people closest to Birdie warn her vehemently to not get personally involved with Andrew.  Andrew, however, has sides to his personality that people don’t know about. He is also a much better person then his reputation would indicate. She intrigues him for multiple reasons, including some he himself can’t understand.

Luca and Billie (Taming Hollywood’s Baddest Boy) and Rocky (Winning Hollywood’s Goodest Girl) have important roles in this book, but you do not have to know their stories to completely enjoy this one. It’s fun when characters from other books appear!  The only flaw in this story is that I want to know how the movie ‘Grass Roots’ did at the box office, and what about the 2 albums??

Max Monroe … ladies … please give us another story in this book universe!

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