His to Protect

His to protect

by Em Petrova

My review:

Bodhi North looks like a muscled surfer-dude, and his cool name fits that image. In reality, though, he is extremely intelligent, a computer expert and a highly trained covert operative working for the private secret agency known as The Guard. After he endures a long recovery from injuries he received on a mission, North is anxious to get back in the field and prove that he is still effective.

A job comes into the agency, seeking protection for movie actress Sloane Sailor. She is being targeted by shady companies that are being subject to opposition by environmentalists inspired by her latest movie. North get himself assigned to her case. He quickly finds out that Sloane is much more than a beautiful woman and talented actress – she also has an incredible depth of character. She has another mission she is carrying out personally, and that has even more bad guys after her.

This book is fast-paced and easy to read, with a few very unexpected plot twists. The chemistry between North and Sloane takes them by surprise and is irresistible to them both. You can read this as a standalone, but if you read the other books in the series it’s fun to see those characters make appearances in this story. There is a well-earned happy ever after to cap off this very good read.

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