Backing you up

Backing you up

by Weston Parker

My review:

This story is an entertaining mixture of ‘best friend’s little sister’, ‘older brother’s best friend’, ‘forbidden love’ and ‘workplace romance.’ Rogan, the hot hero, has worked his way up from the bottom of the company all the way to the executive suites. He is there when Ben, the man who is his boss and mentor, dies in his arms during a meeting. Cora, the sassy heroine, is Ben’s daughter. She is a recent college graduate, and the forbidden little sister of Rogan’s best friend. She is named in the will to take over the company. The stereotypical old boy’s network is less than thrilled about it, partly for understandable reasons and partly because they are woefully old-fashioned in the most negative ways.

Rogan and Cora have crazy chemistry between them, which they struggle to fight in the best interest of honoring their commitments to Ben’s legacy. They are both good people caught in what seems to be an impossible situation. There are some great secondary characters in this book. I know I would enjoy reading more about Cora’s brother Oakley, or Rogan’s friend, Granger.

“Backing You Up” was a compelling story that delivers all the feels. There is sadness and steam, loss and laughter, torment and triumph, heartbreak and hope. Oh, plus tacos and Scotch. Once again, Weston Parker put a story in your hands that will touch your heart.

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