The Lady is Trouble

The Lady is Trouble

by Tracy Sumner

My Review

This excellent story is somewhat hard to characterize in a simple way. It is the story of Piper and Julian. This book involves tropes of childhood friends, friends to lovers, forbidden love, and paranormal but not in the usual sense. Add to all that the fact that it is also a historical novel. And somehow it all works together brilliantly!

The lead characters and most of the secondary characters in this unique story are ‘magical misfits’ – who struggle to live their extremely unusual lives within the framework of ‘normal’ society. The characters are vivid and well-developed, and the storyline is layered with suspense and intrigue. I enjoyed the HEA, and how Piper turns the tables on Julian in the end.

Underneath it all, this is a story about self-discovery, and the need we all have to figure out where we belong. The family that counts are those chosen by the heart, not by bloodline. I’m already looking forward to reading the next story in this captivating world.

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