The Romeo Arrangement

The Romeo Arrangement
by Nicole Snow

My Review

“If Ridge had his smell bottled up, I think they’d call it glory.” Oh my God, the way this author writes is so incredibly on the mark and intense!

Anyone who reads my reviews knows that I always avoid spoilers. It’s not giving away much to say that heroine Grace and her ill father, Nelson, are on the run from a mobster, Clay, who has his minions tracking them. Clay wants Money and Grace, too. They end up in a bar in rural North Dakota during a snowstorm. The hero of the story is there, and he steps up to save them from Minion #1.

Ridge is as hot and as heroic as anyone could Wish for a hero to be. After he saves them from the immediate danger, he takes Grace and Nelson home with him so he can help them figure out their next move while Nelson recuperates. The lengths to which Ridge will go to save her … well, Shakespeare’s Romeo quite literally has nothing on him. (Be on the lookout for 2 other brilliantly named personalities in the book – they are named for characters from Shakespeare’s Hamlet).

This book was so incredibly good. There is suspense, action, swooniness, antiques, a murderous rooster, horses, mentions of other Nicole Snow books, laughter, an awesome valet, and sexy scenes that could make your Kindle overheat. This author is a queen of writing phenomenal hot scenes!  There are several great candidates for a next book. No matter who the next one is about, I will be pre-ordering and one-clicking immediately, because the Nicole Snow never disappoints.

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