His to Defend

His to Defend
by Em Petrova

My Review

Within the first couple of chapters, Em Petrova brings her own voice to action and thrills that evoke the feeling of Mission Impossible and the various Bond movies. In ‘His to Defend,’ Lars is every bit as delicious as Ethan Hunt and James Bond combined. He is a loner, doing his work for The Guard and not regretting the fact that he cannot have any real personal relationships outside the organization then he meets Lillian and everything changes. She’s not at all the type of woman he is usually attracted to for quick dalliances, and he struggles to resist the powerful pull he feels towards her.

Lillian is a self-sufficient and very competent young woman, working as the press agent for a famous race car driver in France. She is reasonably content with her life, and has simple dreams for her future. An assassination attempt on the race car driver and on her as well, throws Lillian together with Lars as he tries to protect her, defend her from future attacks, and figure out what’s going on. Added to the drama and mystery is the intense chemistry these two characters have between them.

I thought the story was very well-written and fast-paced. It pulled me in quickly and held my attention to the very last word. This book can completely be enjoyed as a stand-alone, but you should definitely read the first one as well. I am already looking forward to the next in the series! This was another great book that further reinforces why when I see that Em Petrova has a book coming out, I buy it immediately; she is an author who never disappoints.

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