Let Freedom Ring

Let Freedom Ring

By Weston Parker

Let Freedom Ring is a surprisingly powerful novel about how when we push ourselves past our self-limiting expectations, great things can happen. I honestly enjoyed this book. The main characters, Lincoln and Sofia, have personalities with depth, and their relationship sizzles with energy, passion, and humor. The more you learn about them, the more you want to know. The secondary characters are well-done and add a lot additional richness to the book.

I thought the plot was intriguing, with a good number of unexpected twists. Along with the romance, there are feelings of trepidation, curiosity and suspense all communicated effectively by this excellent story.

Weston Parker proves again that he is a master of natural dialogue and sexy banter. The conversations between the characters felt very authentic to them, and in turn made them seem all the more real. When you read a fictional story, even one with a contemporary setting, you are prepared to suspend expectations of reality because Hey, it’s fiction!  So when an author can imbue the verbal interactions of the characters with so much realism, it’s really a pleasure to read.

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