Boss in the Bedsheets

Boss in the Bedsheets

By Kate Canterbary

Ash and Zelda are about as different as 2 people can be. He is really an interesting male hero.  To use’s Zelda’s words, sometimes he has his “Control Freak Boss switch” on – he is a highly-successful but overburdened corporate accountant. He thinks he is the only one who can do things right.  Despite his intelligence, he is awkward with women. Zelda is a gem. She shines despite an air of mystery about her. I don’t give spoilers, but I promise everything makes sense in the end.

This book was very well-written. I can’t tell you how many times I laughed out loud during the first chapters! Thrown together in a crazy situation on an airplane, the dialogue and banter between Ash and Zelda absolutely sparkles. It doesn’t seem like these characters would meld well together, but they definitely do. “He was starved for affection. I was starved to give it.”  Together they have powerful physical chemistry, and an innate understanding of one another.

The secondary characters are terrific and really round out the book. The storytelling quality is consistent throughout. I’m already looking forward to Linden’s story!

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