Wolf Ranch Feral

Wolf Ranch Feral

By Vanessa Vale & Renee Rose

My Review

I was looking forward to this book so much, and it certainly did not disappoint! The powerhouse writing duo of Renee Rose and Vanessa Vale give us a story that drags you in from the very first scene, and doesn’t let you go until the last word on the last page. The genius of hot cowboy wolf-shifters is still amazing.

Rob, the wolf pack Alpha leader, ends up torn between his personal desires and his responsibilities to his pack, which he takes very seriously. Willow, undercover DEA agent, is torn between her irresistible attraction to Rob, and her responsibilities to bring down drug traffickers. The passion and the pressure is intense.

Together, Rob and Willow have scorching hot chemistry. The plot is definitely a page-turner and the tension builds relentlessly to an awesome climax. We get to visit with the characters from Wild and Rough, and I was so excited to see that there is going to be another book in the series. Excuse me while I go howl at the moon!

3 thoughts on “Wolf Ranch Feral”

  1. I’ll have to look for that book. Right now I’m reading Wolf Under Fire by Paige Tyler, and enjoying it very much. I, just recently discovered shifter books, although I love the paranormal genre, I’ve mostly stayed with witches & ghosts.

    1. I will have to check that book out!

      Wolf Ranch is really a fantastic series. The first 2 books are Rough and Wild. I’m already looking forward to the next one. This is actually my first paranormal series. Any others you recommend?

      1. I purchased Rough, and added the other two to my ever growing pile of books I wanna get, lol.

        Oh, I love to be asked for recommendations! I love Seven Range Shifters by Kait Ballenger, and my all time favorite paranormal series that deals with a psychic is Dr. Charlotte Stone series by Karen Robards. I loved that series so much, I kept it and bought another to send to a friend, because I talked about the books so much.

        Kait Ballenger uses a lot of humor, which I love. I hope, if you any them that you enjoy them as much as I did!

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