Winning Hollywood’s Goodest Girl

Winning Hollywood’s Goodest Girl

by Max Monroe

Kline and Wes are no longer tied as my favorite Max Monroe leading men. Harrison Hughes just conquered all competition. He is a hard-working and successful CFO, and a truly decent human being.  Raquel has been a Hollywood star since childhood. For various reasons she has no family around her and is handled like a commodity by her management team. You don’t need me to tell you more about this story, because you really need to read this book!

This book was a real pleasure from start to finish. The authors somehow blended several different tropes, along with a variety of new and familiar characters, stirred in a couple of villains, and created a delicious story. There were lots of smiles, some laugh out loud moments, angst, tears, revenge and inspiration. As Harrison says, “Life’s a mess but there’s art in all the splatters.” Words of wisdom from a wonderful book boyfriend.

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