by Melanie Moreland

My Review

‘Sandy’ is about an unusual heroine – Sandy is a woman in her 50’s.  Jordan, the hero, is also in his 50’s. If you’re familiar with books in the fantastic BAM series, then you know who Sandy is, and likely remember Jordan too.

The opening scene in this book actually gave me chills and real tears too, all within the first few pages. I cried again several times in this story, all different types of tears – happy ones, sad ones, tears of frustration, exultation, and remembrance. As somebody who was widowed in my 40’s, the feelings and pain experienced by both Sandy and Jordan echoed through me with bone-chilling realism. It’s amazing how this author can inhabit the soul of a fictional character and breathe life into the joy and sadness and very existence of that character. Don’t misunderstand…this is not a depressing story. It is a very positive friends-to-lovers story about the transformative power of love.

This wonderful book wraps up all of the stories in the series, and has made me want to go back and read them all again. You can read this as a standalone and still enjoy it immensely. But it’s even better when you’re familiar with the BAM boys.

By the way, am I the only one who won wants Colin to have a story??? Colin is the son of Sandy’s heart, and his story is begging to be told. Maybe if we all beg with enough enthusiasm and sincerity, Melanie Moreland will consider directing her incredible story-telling, word-crafting talents in that direction.

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