Take it all off

Take it all off

by Weston Parker

My Review

I’ve said it before about other books he has written, but here I am saying it again … this book is one of Weston Parker’s best. I never want to really detail the storyline in a review; you can get that from the book blurb. I will tell you Adeline is a smart and strong heroine who goes after what she wants in life. Having grown up with no support system aside from her brother, she depends only on herself. She is living in Italy because it was for dream to do so. Marco is a brilliant and successful Italian businessman who is intensely focused on his work. He is also a mama’s boy, but not at all in a bad way. He has a twin brother who is also a good guy, and who encourages Marco to embrace life outside of just business.

Addy and Marco meet in a unique way and their relationship is a pleasure to learn about. These two have sizzling hot chemistry, smart banter, and a sense of humor like every good relationship needs. There are a couple of big obstacles that must be dealt with on the way to the well-earned HEA.  This book has some wonderful secondary characters. (I’m wondering what Aldo and Elena would be like together!)  The author’s style is so easy to read, it’s like enjoying hazelnut Gelato on a warm summer day … Delicious, decadent, and just so good you can’t resist.

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