Protecting You

Protecting You

by Claire Kingsley

My Review

OMG this story was so great and so terrible too! Asher and Grace have been best friends their whole. They start to drift apart a little because both are feeling more, and are afraid to wreck their friendship. The emotion between them finally are up in a passionate love affair that exceed all expectations.  Their future is bright and beautiful.

And then everything explodes into a nightmare. I will not go into detail and spoil it but basically Asher saves her and ends up in state prison for an 8 year sentence. It was so heartbreaking it made me nauseous. Waiting for the next story is going to be torture! What will 30-year old Asher be like after 8 years in prison? What will Grace be like after those 8 years without him?  I want to know and I’m also afraid to know … definitely the sign of a wonderful story at the hands of a great author.

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