Fighting for us

Fighting for us

by Claire Kingsley

My Review

Fighting For Us concludes the story duet that began with Protecting You; Note that you must read these 2 books in order. I don’t like to detail plot in my reviews because others typically do it better. Instead, I try to focus on my experience as a reader. The first book in the duet is a warm love story with a shocking conclusion that left me with that queasy feeling only a talented author can bring forth. This second story is one of redemption, and of the healing process and power of love. It is full of angst and regret, hope encouragement and love.

Grace and Asher have both been changed dramatically by the beginning of the second book, but the core of their relationship still exists underneath the rubble that was cruelly thrown upon it.  These characters were incredibly deserving of their HEA. It is a well-crafted storyline, beautifully written. There are humorous moments and memorable secondary characters to round out the experience.

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