Oklahoma Sky

Oklahoma Sky

By Jillian Neal

My Review

“He was more of a bad habit than anything else.”  When I read this sentence, I suspected this was going to be a really good book, because I could tell I was going to like the writer’s style. The He to whom Callie refers is the boyfriend she leaves behind in California when she returns to her Oklahoma roots. It is there that she meets Ford.

Oklahoma rancher Ford is a simple guy at heart. He wants to take care of his ranch and be somebody’s hero. He is deliciously dirty in all the right ways, and simultaneously a gentleman in all the right ways. Callie is still trying to figure out where she wants to be in the world, and what feeds her soul. I really enjoyed this story, and because of the writer’s skill it was a very easy read. There was a good amount of heat, authentic emotion and believable villains, plus a very satisfying HEA. Looks like Holder County is going to be a great source for a lot of good stories!

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