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Book Review

Release Date: Available Now

“Bull Rider: Another Heart Bites the Dust” is a cowboy/cowgirl romantic suspense by Maggie Carpenter. It combines good characters, an intriguing story, and plenty of steam for an entertaining story.

Bailey is a talented trick rider on an emotional mission more dangerous than her riskiest athletic stunts; she’s searching for the horse that stole her beloved mare and the horses of her two close friends. Traveling with the rodeo circuit makes it easier for her to make inquiries and search. She is well aware that what she’s doing is dangerous, so she always tries to get a cowboy to accompany her when she looks at horses that might be her own. Rick is a professional bull rider. He’s on the way to having his most successful year ever and needs to focus on his career. Bailey, though, is a delightful distraction. She’s got something of a reputation for the way she dates and ditches cowboys, but he senses there’s more to her than meets the eye. Despite that, he’s still shocked when he finds out what she’s really up to. He wants to help her – but he’s also determined to keep her safe.

The author does a good job of creating a world in which her characters live. Bailey and Rick are both interesting and multidimensional, each having depths that most people never see. His desire to help her is as strong as the instant attraction between them. Their steamy connection is intensified by moments of domestic discipline. There are a nice array of secondary characters (including some villains!) who each add even more depth and interest to the story. I enjoyed the ending, and hope to see some of the other characters in future books by this author.

Forgery, Love, and Other Lies

by Charlie Lane

Release Date: Available Now

“Forgery, Love, and Other Lies” is the second book in the ‘Art of Love’ series by Charlie Lane. This is a beautifully crafted Regency romance that combines famous fine art and glittering gems with compelling characters and irresistible intrigue. Although it’s part of a series, it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone story.

Zander is a gentleman by birth, but technically, he is also something of a criminal. His late father was a voracious collector of every type of art – to the extent that he left his family in crippling debt. In an effort to help pay the bills and help his family survive, Zander had what he thought was a good idea; he had some of the priceless paintings in his father’s collection replaced by brilliant forgeries. Then he rented the originals to another voracious art collector. When Zander suddenly needs the originals back, he’s horrified to find out that the collector and the original paintings have vanished. Fiona is the daughter of a jeweler. Her parents hope she’ll make a successful match with a man of quality, so they’ve tried to give her skills considered appealing in a young woman. They never imagined she’d use her painting skills to become a brilliant art forger. Art forgery is a capital crime, and when Zander discovers her identity, her attempt to help him is also an attempt to help resolve get out of the mess she unintentionally helped create.

This is a complex story but it’s well-written so it’s easy to read. Zander and Fiona have chemistry that sparkles on the page. Scenes and settings are descriptive without being overdone, and the dialogue is excellent. Characters are complex but remain true to themselves even as they develop. The secondary characters are vivid and add additional depth to the story. The ending ties everything together perfectly. It’s clear who the next story will be about, and I’m already looking forward to it.

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About the Author:(Excerpt is taken from; Aileen Cassinetto is the Poet Laureate of San Mateo County and an Academy of American Poets Laureate Fellow. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Banyan Review, Cultural Weekly, Fellowship, Guest, Marsh Hawk Review, Nonconformist Magazine, and Vox Populi, among others.

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